Why Automation Technical Services?

Finding the best candidates for your technical roles can be a difficult and lengthy process. Few companies have the time and patience to recruit technical resources.

Our mission is focused on finding the best candidates available for your company.

Automation Technical Services fills technical operational roles and engineering roles with highly qualified candidates using proven recruiting methods.

Our recruiting is focused on finding the best employees who have the skill set and soft skills you require for your organization.

Proven Process

The process we use gives us the ability to identify the companies and organizations that also utilize the skill sets you require for your role. We identify candidates who are good at their jobs and interested in making a career move.Most qualified candidates are currently employed and not actively looking for a new opportunity.

Quality Focus

Automation Technical Services uses stringent guidelines based on your requirements to screen prospective employees, so we can deliver quality and professional candidates for your review.When our customers provide us with the company “blueprints” of their quality standards, we can duplicate all the screening, testing, orientation, safety and hiring processes that are required.

Industry Expertise

Because we are heavily involved in engineering as engineers and recruiters, we understand the day-to-day responsibilities and deliverables associated with the roles we are filling.

Services We Offer

  • Market analysis (supply and demand of specific industry skill sets)
  • Market and Industry salary data
  • Recruiting for specific skill sets and industry experience
  • Provide staffing consultation to small and midsize companies to identify the best solution to solve their resource needs

Selection Process

  • Employee Screening
    • Employee background and education are screened and verified for critical skills and experience
    • Employee is assessed for personality traits that are critical to success
  • Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Skill-Based Evaluations
  • Safety and Policy Orientations
  • Drug Testing
  • Background Checks (Degree verification)
  • Reference Checks
  • Risk Management Program
  • Follow-Up Contact
  • Quality Assurance Survey
  • Video Interviews

Best Practices

We recruit qualified candidates for our customers to fill the roles that are needed for them to resolve their business needs.A job description goes a long way when you post job ads; however, if you want to recruit the best candidate for your company, the job description is just the first step. The recruiting interview is the giant leap forward in finding the right candidates. We can help you define your hiring criteria, it is an effective way to ensure you maintain a consistent criterion when reviewing resumes.

The recruiting interview is a conversation that discusses the personality and soft skills required to excel in this role. We will talk about the culture, expectations, benefits and the hiring process, so we can set expectations with our candidates.

Interview Questions

What were the big challenges you faced and what changes did you make?

  • When did it happen and how long did it take to complete?
  • Describe the planning process and how you managed the plan.
  • Describe the environment, the team, and the resources available.
  • Walk me through the biggest problem you faced.
  • What did you learn from resolving the issue?

Good employees have some common traits with respect to their job performance that can be recognized by asking about different scenarios and listening to the candidate describe the problem and the solution.

Ready to get started?

As a technical recruiting firm and engineering recruiting firm, we can improve your hiring and retention results.

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